Strigoiul Muronul

(STREE-goy-ee-el Moo-ron-OOL)
The strigoiul muronul of Romania sounds as ifthe MURONI and the strigoiul (the male counter-part of the STRIGOIU) mythologies were combined. When one considers how regional the vampire species of Romania can be, it is entirely possible that this vampire came from a region located between that of the other two.
A strigoiul muronul is created when a child is born out of wedlock to parents who were each born out of wedlock. Always born a redheaded boy, this child will become a vampiric REVENANT when he eventually dies. The only way to destroy this vampire is to burn its body to ashes or drive a nail through its heart.
Source: Haining, Dictionary of Vampires, 179; Ronay, Truth about Dracula, 23

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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